Mommy’s Little Pumpkin

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Hello Humans,

It’s me, Bella. Boy have we had a busy week! Talk about back in the swing of things… And back to school! My brother’s are back to school… I am sad summers over (tear) but I can’t wait for the crisp air fall will bring! It’s the best feeling— fresh, soothing air, cooler nights, pumpkins and the foods of course. Yum, maybe this year my human’s will finally get my my own turkey…That would be nice. (eye-roll)

So anyways I have been very busy at the shop since the start of September. You should come by….We’re all ready for fall. Pumpkin season is upon us. And my Mama always calls me her little pumpkin. We’ve had lots of visits and belly rubs which make me happy. And guess what, we’re going to have guests at the end of the month for my mama’s workshop, you should come. It’s going to be on Thursday September 29th 7-9pm which means lots munchies for me. I just gotta polish up on my puppy pout… Gots to go!

XO Bella (2)



Summertime at The Shop


Hi all,

I’ve had a pretty good summer so far…Been spending lots of time basking in the sun, going on road trips, cheering on the Jay’s with my fam jam (my favourite humans) and eating watermelon to cool off. Trish always packs extra and shares with everyone, lucky for me.

You can come visit me any time! I like guests. We have an in store special going on, if you spend $50.00 dollars, you will get a $10.00 gift certificate towards your next purchase. And you can always bring me some nibbles or a belly rub will do too,  just saying…

I gots to go for now… but hope all our friends are enjoying their summer! Talk soons.

XO Bella (2)

Hi, I’m Bella a Flower Shop Dog


Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 2.37.55 PM.pngHi, my name is Bella. I’m a golden retriever and I am 6 years old. I’m a flower shop dog here at Loyalist Flowers and you can hear all my fun-filled adventures.

I work with my Momma, Shelly. I luffs her and I also work with the other shop girls— they’re all friends with my Momma. Maria’s my work bestie…I like them but don’t think that I get to slack off. I have to work extra hard… My mommy says that I have a very important job. I greet everyone with a smile and make them feel welcomed. It’s a tough job, not for everyone but perfect for me since I love people!

My favourite time of the day is snack time!  Everyone usually shares their snacks with me especially Auntie Trish! I really like Carnation stems and apple cores. So delicious… Speaking of snack time, I gots to go, it’s snack-o’clock here. Crunch, crunch…

XO Bella (2)